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Johannes Nabecker completed his master’s degree in Telecommunications at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. He has 22 years of experience in the field of Technology and Telecommunications. Johannes was part of Telekom Austria Group for more than a decade, leading their Network and IT Operations units, and increasing the performance of A1 acquired companies in 5 different countries within the Central and Eastern European region.

As a General Manager, he established and headed the Bulgarian entity of a Singaporean connectivity provider, creating a Centre of Excellence shared operations where network performance and connectivity levels were monitored and improved, and customers accidents were handled with highest care. Johannes later joined the Austrian entity of the telco-giant ZTE as a Chief Marketing Officer, where he established a new business field, Smart Energy Management, including photovoltaic-solutions.

Living and working for more than 12 years in Bulgaria and for a year in Serbia equips him with the cultural background and sense for establishing effective business relations needed to steer large investment projects in the field of Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Johannes joined Green Source in 2023 to create our footprint in the Bulgarian and Serbian market by developing and leading local projects in all their technical, operational and commercial aspects.