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Investment into the future

Our projects are our vision of a more sustainable energy production and a contribution to the ‘European Green Deal’.

As one of Europe’s leading project developers, we also want to be part of the global effort to reduce greenhouse gases in order to preserve our environment for future generations – because we can. For us, investing in clean energy is investing in our children’s future.  The projects we develop are scrupulously evaluated and tested throughout the development process.

To do this, we draw on our years of experience in various countries as well as external experts.  Together we create investment opportunities that make sense. It gives us pleasure to see how our projects develop, from the first idea to the finished PV plant, which is able to supply whole regions with green electricity – that is our motivation. With a small and flexible team, it is easy for us to react quickly to problems and find appropriate solutions. 

We are optimistic about a future in which energy production is rethought in a sustainable, resource-saving and clean way.



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